Dr Rita Goh is a social entrepreneur, a professional speaker and trainer, a published author and an advocator of mental health. She is the founder of Aspiron Services, a leading provider of mental health education and counselling services.

Dr Goh is much sought after by the public and private sectors as a motivational speaker on topics related to mental health. She is also the author of two books, the latest of which is the best selling book, Back from the Brink of Insanity. The book chronicles Dr Goh’s first hand experiences with mental illness and her eventual triumph over it.

In recognition of her varied and numerous contributions to the mental health community in Singapore, Dr Goh was appointed Ambassador of the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Oct 2008.

Dr Goh’s hobbies include singing, reading and table tennis. She is married with three grown up children, Ian, Olivia and Shaun.