Resources accumulated over my entire post graduate studies which I hope you will find useful in your pursuit of academic excellence.

* Developing the Research Proposal

* A Structured Approach to Presenting Theses

* How to Write a PhD Thesis

* Writing and Presenting your Thesis or Dissertation

* How to Organize your Thesis

* Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

* Thesis Handbook 

* The Writing Process

* Writing a Research Paper

* PhD.....First Thoughts to Finished Writing

Research Methods

* Qualitative Research in Information Systems

* A Beginner's Guide to Action Research

* Action Research Resources

* Grounded Theory

* Investigating Information Systems with Ethnographic Research

* Qualitative Data Analysis

* Reflections on a Qualitative Study by Barbara Farbey, Frank Land and David Targett

* Referencing Guide

* How Do I conduct a Web Survey?

* Principles for Constructing Web Surveys by Don A. Dillman, Robert D. Tortora and Dennis Bowker

* A Tutorial on Survey Instruments

* Survey Instruments in Information Systems

Masters Theses

* Secure Computer Applications in an Enterprise Environment by Tim Lowman

* The Social Organization of the Computer Underground by Gordon Meyer

PhD Theses

* An Analysis of Security Incidents on the Internet 1989 ~ 1995 by John Howard

* Information Technology Implementation Issues : An Analysis by Suzanne Beaumaster

* Risk Perception, Trust and Credibility : A Case in Internet Banking by Ayse Basar Bener

* Users' Perception of Privacy in Multimedia Communications by Anne Adams

* The Organizational Implementation of Information Systems: Towards a New Theory by Rodrigo Manuel Oliveira da Silva

* The Value of Human Resource Development to an Organization; Providing Technical Assistance to Small Manufacturing Companies by Sandra Miller Bryne

* Workplace Devaluation: Learning from Experience by Clare Dvoranchik Klunk